Luca Missaglia is one of the hospitalities & beverage Evangelist leading figure, internationally recognised for being the most creative and innovative mixologist, a respectable speaker and educator, with a playful character, passionate for his Italian heritage with a DNA of an entrepreneur.

With more than 15 years of experience, Luca has an inherent passion for the Drink Business, making him an inimitable source of knowledge and insights.

Throughout his career, he has worked in many different sectors of the hospitality & beverage industry, mentored by the best personalities establishing a connection with public figures as, Daniel Craig, Jude Law and The Prince Henry the Duke of Sussex.

He has a fundamental role in the growing, inspiring, and shaping the spirits, vermouths, liquors, and non-alcoholic beverages categories worldwide educating and influencing the new generations of drinkers.

Luca Missaglia, born on the 19th September 1988 in Vimercate, a city in the province of Milan, and since the early age of his life he spent great time with his “Hero Grandfather” Luigi, an old school business man that built his reputation in the drinks industry trading wines & spirits in region.

After the death of his grandfather in 2004, Luca decide to follow the footstep of his Hero, putting into practise al the life’s lessons learned.

In 2009 Luca, left his homeland Italy to follow his dream with a purpose well defined; without knowing any English, at the begging he had to be behind the scenes of a counter making Coffees in a Patisserie in Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, meanwhile studying the language, but being a fast learner with a wise mindset, in 2010 he steps up in the game, working as a mixologist showcasing the Art of Hospitality at one of the leading pioneer Cocktail bar in London Lab Bar (London Academy of Bartenders) opened by Douglas Ankrah, creator of Pornostar Martini Cocktail.

A year later the Hart Brothers Eddie & Sam, respectable restaurateur discovered the talent of Luca and proposed the run the entire operation of Quo Vadis Restaurant & Members Club in Dean Street in London alongside the TV Chef Jeremy Lee.

Whilst at Quo Vadis, he is accolades grew, and winning cocktails competition showcasing his level of artistry when it comes to cocktails; UK Disaronno Mixing Star 2012 and UK Nikka Perfect serve in 2013, he also collaborate with the writer Kay Plunkett-Hogge on the cocktails recipes of “Make Mine a Martini: 130 Cocktails & Canapes for Fabulous Parties”.

In 2014 Luca is joining the Aqua Group as a Bar Director managing bars operation of outlets from London (Aqua Shard, Aqua Spirit, Aqua Nueva, Aqua Kyoto, Hutong) to HK (Aqua Roma, Aqua Tokyo, Aqua Spirit, Hutong) delivering an high standard of Innovation, creativity and consistency developing marketing campaigns with in the group.

During his Time at Aqua Group, Luca managed to make it in Top 8th “Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2014”, winning in 2015 the “24h Bar Build Cocktail competition” and also being nominated by “Code Hospitality 30 under 30” in 2016-2017.

In 2018 Luca joins the ITALICUS Team as Global Brand Ambassador to brand build and expand the “aperitivo brand culture” around the globe, establishing marketing campaigns and virtual platforms (The Art Of Italicus) that strategies and leverage ITALICUS.

Luca is been working with some of the world’s leading bartenders to educate the on-trade and consumer and shine a light on the beverage categories, whilst promoting “Italian aperitivo drinking culture” around the world. His hard work and a diligent way of executing brought him into the “top 10 nominees at Tales of the cocktail as Best International Brand Ambassador 2019-2020” and is still present today.

Luca Missaglia is consider as a brand and is a guarantee of success (www.lucamissaglia), as having experience in different field of Beverage, Hospitality and Brand Building is a powerhouse of knowledge and skills at 365 degrees, with endorsements from personalities all over the globe, and for it he is considered:

  • Drink expert & Cocktail Evangelist
  • Spirit & Brand Building Consultant
  • Bar Consultant
  • International Speaker
  • Aperitivo’s Culture Ambassador
  • Global Influencer
  • International Spirits Competition Judge
Luca still strive to build and establish a business around the world in Beverage industry.

"Working behind the bar it feels like to be on stage"

Luca Missaglia