Luca Missaglia

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Roma Bar Show
September 27th

Roma Bar Show un esordio di grande successo

Top 10 nominees for the 13th annual spirited awards announced
June 11th

Top 10 nominees for the 13th annual spirited awards announced


Luca Missaglia ambassador for Italicus
January 19th

Luca Missaglia Ambassador for Italicus


Luca Missaglia - 2017 CODE's 30 under 30 List
December 06th

2017 CODE's 30 under 30 List

Luca Missaglia - Aqua Shard’s C’est la vie recipe
November 24th

Cocktail of the week: Aqua Shard’s C’est la vie recipe

Luca Missaglia - 4 cocktails to serve at your Christmas party
November 01th

4 Cocktails to serve at your Christmas Party

Luca Missaglia - London Bridge Hotel Review
September 06th

London Bridge Hotel Review, Cocktails at The Shard & Savini

Luca Missaglia - London's Favourite Fizz Mixes
July 12th

Putting on the Spritz: London's Favourite Fizz Mixes

Luca Missaglia - Top 10 Cocktail
July 10th

Top 10: New Summer Cocktail Menus In London

Luca Missaglia - Wind Up Wind Down Cocktail
July 05th

Aqua Shard Launches ‘Wind Up Wind Down’ Cocktails

Luca Missaglia - Martini Masterclass
June 26th

Le Riserve Speciali di Martini in una Masterclass Dedicata

Luca Missaglia - Spotlight
June 14th

Spotlight on Luca Missaglia

Luca Missaglia - London Brexit
April 21th

Baristi a Londra aspettando visto Brexit

Luca Missaglia - Aqua Shard Punch
February 20th

Aqua Shard, a Londra i punch si fanno tra le nuvole


Luca Missaglia - Code Hospitality
December 09th

CODE Hospitality’s 30 Under 30 list

Luca Missaglia - Cocktail Week 2016
September 30th

London Cocktail Week 2016: Italian-inspired mixes to be biggest trend

Luca Missaglia - Diana Henry
September 03th

Diana Henry on the art of the apéritif: bitter-sweet drinks and salty snacks

Luca Missaglia - Bacardi Classics Softball Tournament
August 25th

Build it and they will come: Bacardi Classics Softball Tournament


Luca Missaglia - That's The Spirit
August 08

That's The Spirit

Luca Missaglia - Art of Patrón
April 14th

Art of Patrón


Luca Missaglia - Patrón Tequila
October 14th

London wins 24 Hour Bar Build with Patrón Tequila

Luca Missaglia - 24 Hour Bar Build
October 12th

London Bartenders Win 24 Hour Bar Build

Luca Missaglia - 24 Hour Bar Build
October 12th

London crowned best bar city in the world at 24hr Bar Build

Luca Missaglia - Cîroc Cocktails
August 10th

Top US bartender works with London bar on Cîroc cocktails


Luca Missaglia - 10 Great London Negronis
May 08th

10 Great London Negronis

Luca Missaglia - Bartenders Vs Sommeliers
May 01th

Bartenders Vs Sommeliers


Luca Missaglia - Dry Gin Martinis
July 09th

Five of the best: dry gin martinis in London

Luca Missaglia - Nikka
May 28th

Bartenders demonstrate the Perfect Serve for Nikka

Luca Missaglia - Head Bartender
May 17th

Luca Missaglia, Head Bartender

Luca Missaglia - Quo Vadis
February 19th

Quo Vadis bar manager Luca Missaglia


Luca Missaglia - Babička Wormwood Vodka
June 26th

Babička Wormwood Vodka UK Final Results